Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is HEAT training?

HEAT stands for Hostile Environment Awareness Training, that is; equipping participants with the relevant skills and knowledge to reduce risk and manage potential incidents in a hostile or high risk environment.

Q. Does Clarity offer HEAT training?

Clarity’s 4 Day Personal Security Course includes Hostile Environment Awareness Training, relevant to the majority of higher risk humanitarian deployments.

Our bespoke service will design a HEAT or equivalent security course to match the exact needs and constraints of a specific organisation, deployment or group of participants.

Q. I will be travelling largely to capital cities/for short training or monitoring visits. Do I really need HEAT training?

For those travelling to up to medium-high risk environments for short periods, we would recommend our 3 day "Security for Frequent Travellers course"

Q. Your open courses seem to include first aid, but I do not need/want first aid training for myself/team/organisation. Do you offer courses without first aid training?

For bespoke training courses, we are happy to design these with or without first aid to meet participant needs.  Our standard 3 and 4 day courses include first aid as a key tool to reduce the impact of security and safety incidents. We may offer other open courses in the future so watch our website for updates.

Q. I cannot see the course my organisation needs?

Contact our Bespoke Services, we may be able to design a course specifically for your organisation/team.

Q. I am not a humanitarian aid worker, can Clarity help train me?

Potentially yes, contact us and let us know your needs and situation.

As well as humanitarian workers, those working in development, researchers, journalists, human rights activists, students and academics have found relevant learning from either attending our open courses or through our bespoke services.

Where demand is sufficient we can also tailor versions of our open courses to match the training needs of participants from other groups such as development, researchers, gap year students or human rights activists.

Q. Can Clarity assist me with developing security policy, procedures and plans for my agency/team?

Yes, contact our consultancy services to find out more.  We can also assist with risk management and crisis management planning.

Q. My team need security training, but cannot travel to the UK for this, can Clarity provide in-field training?

Yes we can.

Clarity has delivered many bespoke trainings in the field, enabling national staff, who are often the ones facing the greatest risks, to benefit from this.

Our in-field training can also be a great oppourtunity to address ongoing security issues and concerns, or for inter-agency groups to improve co-ordination, networking and inter-agency working on security and safety issues.

Q. I'm being urgently deployed to the field, but there is no security course scheduled before I go. Are there any other options?

Yes, please contact us, we may be able to provide some 1:1 or team training before you go.

Q. Can Clarity help provide simulation training for non-security courses?

Yes, we can. Contact Bespoke services.