What Our Clients Say - Testimonials

"Overall, I thought the training was excellent. Very useful and pertinent information. Its clear that the team has a lot of personal/professional experience in broad range of security related situations (which is not always the case in other security training's) I appreciated that the team were aware that the people in the group may have had personal experiences and that our well being was checked regularly"

Celina Jensen | Save UK

"Clarity is an exceptional training provider, with realistic field scenarios tailored around specific threats humanitarian organisations are likely to face. Clarity create bespoke courses to suit an organisation’s needs, alongside maintaining a strong ability to adapt to changing environments such as the COVID-19 pandemic and provide online courses when required."

Palladium Humanitarian & Stabilisation Operations Team

"I arrived on this course with a bad attitude. I had taken part in previous personal security training for aid workers and it had been unhelpful and inappropriate. Clarity was completely different, they were supportive, informative and appropriate. People from all different experiences came together, learned and formed cohesive and supportive teams. Well done! Thank you! Incredible skill!"

Karen Mcdonnell | Christian Aid

"Its been a very rewarding 4 days, expert knowledge, detailed without 'over' detailing, with room for discussion and knowledge sharing. Every Aid worker should do the course."

Chuck Woolgar | Save the Children UK

"Nearly all the time, you achieved a good balance of practical experience and classroom learning, The group work was well structured and changed the learning environment. Food was great and plentiful. The simulation day was excellent and trod careful line between creating the violent and terrifying experience whilst enabling us to learn and practice how to deal with these situations. What a nice team!"

Julie Lawson-McDowall | Oxfam

"I have really enjoyed this training. I've learnt a lot. You have a very friendly atmosphere (love Jerry's food) and you make the sessions very enjoyable, though it is hard topics"

Sofia Nordenshiold | Plan International

"A fantastically organised simulation that was as realistic as possible. Actors were brilliant, explosions and injuries very realistic and i felt fully immersed! On the whole i'm incredibly impressed by the teams knowledge, professionalism, real experience, genuine and honest advice that is relevant to our roles and environments. I feel really lucky to have spent time with all facilitators and learnt so much"

Eline Hughes | Oxfam

"thank you for the useful training chaired by you and all the entire clarity team. It was my best training on security and first aid I have attended so far"

Jerry Mbasha | Save the children

"The whole experience has been fantastic. The quality of training and facilitation has been super. The level of experience is humbling. Thank you! The angle of pragmatic care for people, self and saving lives, really great."

Helen Suwannawongse | Oxfam HR

"The sexual violence session was really well delivered, Lucy handled a difficult topic with maturity and sensibility. Very impressive. Non judgmental. Throughout the training i felt that peoples experiences and concerns were addressed throughout. These courses can often be a bit macho and this one felt really sensitive. Highly recommend to all humanitarian workers."

Sian Watters | Save UK

"I would like to thank you and all the Clarity training team members for the useful information and hands-on experience which you have managed to deliver to us during the training. I must say that I truly learnt a lot in a relatively short period of time. It was such an adrenaline rush"

Ehab Jayyousi | WASH Programme Coordinator | Concern Worldwide – Syria/Iraq

"The simulation was really excellent – much better than others I’ve been on before, with great acting and complex scenarios. All the teachers were top class, with a range of experiences and expertise. It exceeded my expectations on many levels"

4 day course participant | Save the Children

"Overall a fantastic course – wished I had done it ages ago. Experienced trainers who are succinct, good communicators and energetic. Came away feeling much more aware (nuts and bolts of security management) and the importance of coherence, information – individually and across teams. Huge learning exercise and outcomes met from the first aid training and the simulation"

Jenny Lamb | OXFAM

"Clarity’s level of knowledge really amazed me – everything was useful, there was no wasted moment and the staff were fabulous. I really can’t fault it, great course, great use of time, thank you."

Olivia Watson | Save the Children

"Very well structured and paced to incrementally build our knowledge and capacity to apply 1st aid and security related to real life potential situations. Very realistic – use of actors in simulation makes a big difference and terrain. Good choice of likely scenarios in simulation, good balance medical and security, debrief afterwards to expand on our learnings, medical training took us a step further – application under pressure. A truly excellent simulation – best I have experienced"

Karen Miller | CARE

"A great positive catalyst experience that is well mirrored to field experiences and can be applicable in daily lifes(sic) things. Near real scenario simulations which evoked real emotions and a chance to practice the training skills"

Palal Areman | Save the Children US | EHU

"I will recommend this training to anyone in the humanitarian or security team, I truly believe this is a very good preparation for anyone who has to be deployed"

Course participant, 4 day course Dec 2015

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