Clarity Courses

Clarity’s courses aim to equip Humanitarian Staff with skills to both prevent and respond to the most prevalent security threats. We run two distinct courses on a monthly basis for open enrollment. Organisations should think carefully which course they choose for their staff based on the role the staff member will be undertaking as well as the level of risk in the countries they are visiting/working in.

Clarity Open Security Training Courses for Humanitarians

Personal Security for Field Staff - HEAT (4 Days)

For humanitarian and development workers implementing projects in the field. Find Out More

Security for Frequent Travellers (3 Days)

For staff working with partners, frequent travellers, researchers and consultants. Also suitable for those based exclusively in capital cities or regional hubs. Find Out More

Personal Security for Field Staff Refresher (2 Days)

A refresher for those who have previously attended the Clarity 4 Day Course Personal Security for Field Staff (HEAT) within the past three years. Find Out More

Field Security Management (HEAT for Managers) (5 Days)

For field staff with an operational responsibility for security. Find Out More

The table below shows core subjects as a guide, sessions covering these subjects will differ in approach, duration and methodology according to which course they are a part of.

Session Security for Frequent Travellers (3 Days) Personal Security for Field Staff (4 Days)
Situational Awareness
Risk Assessment
Programme Related Threats
Interpersonal Communications/Diffusing Anger
Security/Field Mission Planning
Field Communications
Conflict Threats
Travel and Vehicle Safety
Vehicle Related Security Threats
Small Arms/Terrorism Related Threats
Kidnap Survival
Arrest & Detention
Sexual Violence
Civil Unrest
Stress and Wellbeing
Evacuation Contingency Planning
Simulation Exercise 4 Hours 6 Hours
First Aid 7 Hours 12 Hours includes conflict injuries
More DetailsMore Details

The majority of our 3 and 4 day Courses are held in Kettering – Our simulation element takes place at Grafton Underwood, near Kettering. See locations for more details

Need Something Different?

If our open courses do not match your particular requirements or outcomes, we can provide a Bespoke Programme for your organisation.

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