Simulation Services


Realistic Pyrotechnic Special Effects

Have an in-house or established classroom based security training programme and want to give participants a chance to put theory into action within a safe environment and improve skills from the experience?

Clarity’s simulation team can help your trainers design and implement an interactive learning experience using our training site, team of experienced simulation actors, vehicle and special effects (including explosives and casualty simulation make up where appropriate).

Simulations can range from a few hours to a few days, and can recreate a range of security threats, dilemmas and incidents for participants to respond to.

Clarity’s training team are available to help with design, observations and briefing and debriefing as required.

Non security

Realistic Special Effects

The Clarity simulation team, including special effects artists, actors, training manager and various technical specialists can work with your trainers to design appropriate training scenarios and learning experiences to bring to life training in other topics.

Have a logistics, needs assessment, medical training, induction or other course that would benefit from a simulation element? Contact our simulation team with your resource needs and learning objectives and we can assist with simulation development and bring your training scenarios to life at one of our simulation sites.

Where appropriate we can also provide training professionals to assist in observation, feedback and debriefing.